Governor Otti Reveals Grisly Discoveries of 50 dead bodies in Abia State’s Lokpanta Cattle Market

H.E Dr. Alex Otti OFR, the Executive Governor of Abia State.

During a recent media interaction, Dr. Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of Abia State, disclosed a disturbing discovery made by security operatives in the vicinity of the Lokpanta cattle market in Umunneochi LGA. The operation was prompted by credible intelligence indicating that ransom payments for kidnappings were being funneled to this area.

In less than 48 hours, the security forces uncovered a grim scene: 20 decapitated bodies, 50 decomposing corpses, and countless human remains, including those of adults and children. It became evident that the area surrounding the cattle market had become a hub for various illicit activities, including gun running, prostitution, and narcotics trade.

While the culprits behind these criminal activities remain unknown, the government’s immediate focus has been on securing the market. To achieve this, efforts to fence the market have commenced, and several brothels have been demolished. The governor emphasized the intention to transform the Lokpanta cattle market into a general market for various goods.

Notably, Governor Otti clarified that the government’s actions were not aimed at expelling northerners from the market. Instead, they are working to enhance security for all residents and traders in the area, as the government is committed to ensuring the safety of Abia citizens and visitors. The governor expressed his determination not to tolerate criminal elements within the state and recounted successful discussions with Northern community leaders to resolve any misunderstandings and tensions that had arisen.


CREDIT: Afnews