House of Representative Ad-hoc Committee Commends Governor Otti’s Security Initiatives at Lokpanta Cattle Market

The Ad-hoc Committee on Security at Umunneochi, Abia State, recently commended Governor Alex Otti for his proactive efforts to restore security and order in the state. Specifically, they praised Governor Otti for dismantling criminal activities, including kidnapping, that had plagued the Lokpanta Cattle Market area of Umunneochi.

During their visit to Governor Otti, the Committee, led by Hon. Obi Aguocha, engaged with security agencies, traditional leaders, and local stakeholders in Umunneochi to discuss their findings and hear from the Governor.

Hon. Eze Nwachukwu Eze of Ebonyi/Ohaukwu Federal Constituency expressed their observations, noting the significant positive changes in Lokpanta. He highlighted Governor Otti’s commitment to sanitizing the area and eliminating criminal elements, and called for practical actions to address the insecurity issues.

Rt. Hon. Kwamoti Bitrus Laori of Adamawa also acknowledged the Governor’s substantial efforts in improving security in the region, based on feedback from the townhall meeting. He expressed gratitude for Governor Otti’s work in this regard.

In response, Governor Otti emphasized that his administration prioritizes the security of all residents in Abia, regardless of their origin. He stressed the importance of security for development and pledged to support vulnerable individuals in the market, especially those who cannot afford rent. However, he emphasized that there wouldn’t be a separate community set up for any particular group.

As part of Abia State Government’s strategy to enhance security, the Lokpanta cattle market will be transformed into a daily and general-purpose market, offering various goods beyond cattle.

Governor Otti appreciated the federal lawmakers for their support and encouraged them to inform the National Assembly of the state’s ongoing efforts to address security challenges.

Members of the Committee include Hon. Obi Aguocha, Rt. Hon. Kwamoti Bitrus Laori, Rt. Hon. Jonas Okeke, Hon. Eze Nwachukwu Eze, Hon. Amobi Godwin Ogah, Hon. Emeka Nnamani, Abdullahi Abba Kabir (Ad-hoc Committee Clerk), and Busaris Adegbola (Ad-hoc Committee Deputy Clerk).

This development marks a positive step in enhancing security and fostering progress in Abia State.