Celestial Church Leader Takes Firm Stand Against Portable and Pasuma’s Performance at Praise Night

In a resolute declaration, Olatosho Oshoffa, the Shepherd-in-charge of the Celestial Church of Christ International Headquarters in Ketu, has expressed strong disapproval of the inclusion of singers Portable and Pasuma in the lineup for an upcoming praise night at one of the church branches.

The Celestial Church of Christ, Land of Goshen in Lagos, had initially promoted the event through a flyer featuring Portable, Pasuma, and May Shua. This announcement prompted widespread reactions on social media, with some individuals expressing disappointment and questioning whether places of worship should double as venues for entertainment.

Responding to the ensuing controversies on his Facebook page, Oshoffa conveyed, “Dear Celestians, I have just engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the Shepherd in Charge of the aforementioned Parish. He has assured me that amendments will be made to the posters.”

“He has given his word that the contested artists will NOT be part of the event nights. Undoubtedly, the criticized poster is highly condemnable. May God bless CCC. Amen.”


CREDIT: DailyPost