Abia State Government Uncovers Plans to Discredit Alex Otti- Ferdinand Ekeoma

A revelation has emerged regarding a scheme aimed at launching a sustained media campaign to discredit the Governor of Abia state, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, along with the state government. Allegedly, a federal lawmaker convened a meeting in Abuja over the weekend, distributing counterfeit documents attributed to the government while providing substantial funds to media professionals to facilitate a media onslaught against the Governor. The motive behind this orchestrated attack remains unclear, but it appears to be driven by individuals with aspirations to keep Abia state in perpetual hardship, a vision rejected by the electorate.

Key Points:

1. Governor Alex Otti, entrusted with the popular mandate of the Abia people, stands resilient amid this unfounded media assault. The overwhelming support from Abia masses reflects their acknowledgment of his significant achievements since assuming office.


2. The individuals orchestrating the smear campaign are seemingly unsettled by Governor Otti’s widespread acceptance and performance. However, their efforts to tarnish his reputation cannot erase the Governor’s positive impact or diminish the trust placed in him by the people.

3. Abians have chosen a path of honorable and peaceful living under Governor Otti’s responsible leadership. They remain steadfast against the tactics of political opportunists, rejecting the idea that their oppressors from the past can transform into saviors.

4. Those attempting to defame the present government aim to regain power and perpetuate a questionable legacy. Yet, they underestimate the determination of the Abia government and its people to resist and build a prosperous and glorious state.

5. The Alex Otti-led government remains devoted to the welfare of Abia people, prioritizing their interests over the selfish motives of a few political merchants. The commitment to serving Abians passionately and diligently remains unwavering.