BREAKING NEWS: Oladips Dispels Death Hoax Rumors, Blames Qdot for Misleading Announcement


In a recent turn of events, rapper Oladipupo Oladimeji, popularly known as Oladips, has vehemently denied faking his death, countering viral reports suggesting a death hoax to boost his new album, ‘Superhero Adugbo.’

Contrary to the statement released by his management on November 15, 2023, via Instagram, claiming the rapper’s demise on November 14, Oladips presented video evidence to prove that he is indeed alive and well. This revelation sparked speculation that the entire episode was orchestrated to generate publicity for his latest project.

Several associates, including rapper Qdot, took to social media to affirm Oladips’ continued existence, further adding fuel to the rumors of a staged death. In response to the circulating allegations, Oladips addressed the situation through his Instagram story.

Expressing his disappointment, Oladips singled out Qdot for making premature announcements about his well-being. He accused Qdot of rushing to declare him alive “at a time my family was unsure of my situation,” and emphasized the misleading nature of the posts. Oladips clarified that he and Qdot had not spoken since January 2, 2022, and expressed his intention to share the full story soon.

In his Instagram story, Oladips wrote, “I know there is cruise. There is clout. And then there is truth! Qdot, the reason why you posted ‘My gee is alive’ at a time my family was unsure of my situation is so appalling and uncalled for. I dey where I dey struggle with my life, you dey post ‘My gee is alive.’ Unnecessarily misleading everyone. Made it look like me and you just had a conversation. Bro, I went through it, and anything could have happened. The last me and you had any conversation was January 2, 2022. I get proof and I will soon tell the story in full! Cos why una dey always do like this for this industry tori olorun?”

This incident adds another layer of intrigue to the ever-dramatic landscape of the entertainment industry, prompting fans and the public alike to await further revelations from Oladips regarding the circumstances surrounding the false death announcement.

CREDIT: DailyPost