BREAKING NEWS: 174 Passengers Escaped Plane Crash on United Airlines Flight 1001 in Los Angeles

A flight from Los Angeles to Denver lost a wheel when it took off from LAX on Monday.

The wheel fell off the main landing gear of United Airlines Flight 1001. No one was hurt on the flight or on the ground, the airline said in a statement to The Associated Press.

The flight landed safely in Denver, the intended destination.There were 174 passengers and seven crew members on the flight, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The wheel has been recovered in Los Angeles and the company has opened an investigation into why it came off the Boeing 757-200.

It will be recalled that this isn’t the first time a United plane lost a wheel during a flight. A tire fell off on March 7 after the plane, en route to Osaka, Japan, took off from San Francisco. It landed on a car in the airport employee parking lot. That plane safely landed in Los Angeles.

The Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating.