Abia State Government Revolutionizes Land Ownership, Promises 30-Day Turnaround for Certificate of Occupancy

The Abia State Government is committed to streamlining the process of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) by pledging to issue it within a swift 30-day timeframe from the point of application. Okey Kanu, the State Commissioner for Information and Culture, shared this initiative during a briefing with the media in Umuahia. The aim is to enhance the overall business environment in the state.

Kanu emphasized that this move is part of the government’s strategy to improve governance processes, particularly in facilitating business operations. He clarified that the entire transaction, from C of O application to issuance, is anticipated to take approximately 30 days. Furthermore, he assured that the government is committed to ongoing efforts to minimize transaction times, recognizing the critical role it plays in fostering a conducive business climate in the state.

In essence, the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) serves as an official document issued by the state government, validating legal ownership of a specific piece of land. The proactive approach taken by the Abia State Government reflects its dedication to fostering efficiency and ease of doing business within the region.