Seun Kuti Criticizes AY, Mocks Fire Ordeal, and Calls Him ‘Unfunny’ with ‘Smelly Mouth

Seun Kuti, the Grammy-nominated afrobeat singer, recently explained the reasons behind his mockery of comedian Ayo Makun, known as AY, after a fire destroyed AY’s multimillion-naira mansion in Lagos. Kuti revealed that he taunted AY because the comedian had previously made jokes about Kuti’s altercation with the police and prison experiences, even going so far as to portray Kuti’s daughter in a derogatory manner.

In defense of his actions, Kuti criticized AY, labeling him as “unfunny” and insultingly referred to him as a “dry goat with a smelly mouth.” Kuti asserted that within the entertainment industry, it’s widely known that AY has bad breath.

During a recent Instagram live session with his fans, Kuti stated, “They say I laughed at Ayo Makun [AY] when his house burned down. If you’ve been following me, you might recall that I went live on the day when the fire engulfed his house. He went as far as using my personal trials and tribulations to create jokes, even going so far as to depict my daughter as a dog in his low-quality skit video.

“That unfunny individual, that unimpressive person with foul-smelling breath. His bad breath is a known fact within the industry, just ask anyone except if they intend to deceive you. He went to the extent of portraying my daughter as a dog, the same man whose wife suffered domestic abuse. No woman in his life will ever respect him, especially because his children have witnessed him mistreating their mother.”


CREDIT: Daily Post