Controversy Surrounding Actress Ekene Umenwa Kneeling Before Gospel Singer at Wedding Reception: Husband Responds

Ifeanyi Ogbodo Alex, a popular Nollywood movie producer, has finally addressed the controversies surrounding a viral video of his wife, Ekene Umenwa, hugging gospel singer Moses Bliss at their wedding reception. The wedding took place on Saturday, and the actress faced criticism after a video on social media showed her leaving Alex to kneel before the gospel singer who unexpectedly appeared to perform at the reception.

In response to the controversies, the MC of the event, Deacon Famous, took to the internet to clarify the situation. He explained that Umenwa was not kneeling for Moses Bliss but rather for “the anointing he came with.”

Deacon Famous said, “I was the one who invited Moses Bliss to the wedding to surprise the bride because she wanted a worship session for her wedding. She wasn’t kneeling down for Moses Bliss; she was kneeling for the anointing that Moses came with.”

In the comments section, Alex responded to the explanation by saying, “Deacon, you took the time to explain. I’m not complaining. God bless you very much, my brother.”


CREDIT: DailyPost