Brain Jotter Discovers ‘Lady’ He Assisted was a Man

Brain Jotter, the popular comedian, expresses shock upon discovering that the lady he generously supported financially is, in fact, a man named Sultan, adept at deceiving helpers by assuming a female identity.

Recalling the incident, Brain Jotter had extended financial assistance to a physically challenged lady who sold pure water on the streets, only to later learn about the deceptive disguise.

Given his circumstances, Brain Jotter decided to send 400,000 naira to the individual he thought was a struggling lady.

Davido noticed the situation on Twitter and informed his uncle, raising concerns about the lady’s reported connection to Osun state.

It was eventually revealed that the recipient of Brain Jotter’s help, initially perceived as a lady, is Sultan, a man who pretends to be a woman to exploit unsuspecting helpers.

In response to this revelation, Brain Jotter expressed his disappointment, lamenting that Sultan had deceived them all. He disclosed that the individual had received assistance in the past, amounting to 600,000 naira.

In a written statement, Brain Jotter shared his frustration, saying, “If I tell you say I no tire, I dey lie. Just Negodu’?’. Bro deceived us all. Some people have helped him with over 600k before. He lied!!! He is a MAN’!!!!”