The harrowing abduction of Abia State University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration, Prof Godwin Emezue, unfolded over 11 agonizing days, starting on January 26, 2024. The incident occurred at a Umuahia fueling station, where Prof Emezue was forcefully taken by kidnappers.

The perpetrators initially demanded a hefty ransom of 35 Million from the academician’s family. In a distressing turn of events, the family pleaded for a reduction, managing to negotiate the amount down to 25 Million. Despite the compromise, the kidnappers issued threats to Prof Emezue’s life.

The family, faced with the grave situation, gathered funds and delivered 20 Million in cash to the kidnappers. In a disturbing twist, the abductors demanded an additional 5 Million, asserting instructions to harm the captive if the demand wasn’t met. Fearing for Prof Emezue’s life, the family, along with friends and Abia State University, rallied to raise the extra funds, promptly delivering the money to the kidnappers as instructed.

The aftermath of the ordeal revealed the severe torture inflicted upon Prof Emezue during his captivity, leading to his hospitalization in an undisclosed facility.