Otti Emerges Victorious as Supreme Court Dismisses Kano Petition, Imposes 5 Million Fine on the Petitioner

This morning, the Supreme Court handed down a decisive ruling in the Kano case, thoroughly disgracing the lawyers who filed an appeal. The Court, in an unmistakable stance, awarded a significant cost of N5 million, to be personally paid by the counsel, Mr. Fadile, responsible for filing the appeal.

The Supreme Court, in its judgment, expressed strong disapproval of the practice of using appeals as a means to harass the winners of elections. This stern rebuke serves as a clear message against attempts to undermine the electoral process through legal maneuvering.

The post underscores the belief that those who rise against God’s anointed will face disgrace. It echoes the sentiment that the harder individuals come against established authorities, the harder they are destined to fall. The phrase “To God be the Glory” encapsulates the perspective that justice has prevailed and divine intervention is acknowledged in the outcome.

The Supreme Court’s decision not only resolves the specific Kano case but also sends a broader message against the misuse of legal processes to contest election results. The cost awarded to Mr. Fadile serves as a deterrent, emphasizing the consequences of attempting to manipulate the legal system for political purposes.


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