Governor Alex Otti’s Transformative Six Months in Office: A Comprehensive Review

In his bid for governorship, Dr. Alex Otti made promises that resonated with Abians, and six months into his tenure, it’s time to assess his performance. The jubilation that followed his victory hinted at the collective hope for change. Let’s delve into a sectoral analysis of Governor Otti’s accomplishments.

Infrastructure Renaissance:

Governor Otti declared a state of emergency on road infrastructure, swiftly initiating the renovation of nine roads in Aba. Notably, seven roads have been completed, including the long-neglected Port Harcourt Road. Otti’s approach, such as engaging Julius Berger for major projects, has earned bipartisan praise.


Palliative work extends beyond Aba and Umuahia, reaching strategic roads like Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene and Umuahia-Uzuakoli. Solar-powered street lights in major cities contribute to improved night life and boost the state’s economy.

Healthcare Upgrade:

Otti’s administration prioritized healthcare, renovating and equipping facilities like the Abia Diagnostic Centre and Abia Specialist Hospital. General hospitals across the three senatorial zones are undergoing advanced renovations. This is a significant turnaround from the challenges faced by the sector in the previous administration.

Worker Welfare Assurance:

Governor Otti stands out in consistently paying workers’ salaries and pensions by the 28th of each month. His commitment to eliminating ghost workers through a thorough verification exercise demonstrates a proactive approach to financial accountability.

Sanitation Revolution:

The state of emergency declared on waste management has led to visible improvements. Private firms now handle waste evacuation in Aba and Umuahia, resulting in cleaner cities.

Security and Decisive Actions:

Operation Crush, launched in July, has curtailed insecurity, particularly in the Uturu/Isuikwuato/Umunneochi axis. Demolition of criminal hideouts at the Regional Cattle Market Lokpanta and clampdown on illegal revenue agents contribute to improved security. Tricycle operators and motorists appreciate the reduction in harassment.

Financial Prudence and Development Initiatives:

Governor Otti’s assurance of not taking loans and judiciously managing resources aligns with his commitment to using public funds for the people’s benefit. Initiatives like the Abia Industrial Park and efforts to improve the state’s ease of doing business have attracted local and foreign investors.


While it’s acknowledged that a six-month assessment might be premature, Governor Otti’s early strides signal a positive direction. If he maintains this momentum and remains focused amid potential distractions, Abia may witness a transformative era under his leadership.


CREDIT: Vanguard newspaper