Former SGF Babachir Lawal Speaks Out: Controversial Election Claims and National Concerns

SGF Babachir Lawal

A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, has made some strong statements in a press release regarding the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria and the current state of the country. Here’s a reorganized version of his statements:

In a strongly worded statement issued on Tuesday, Babachir Lawal expressed his views on the 2023 presidential election and the state of the nation. He began by explaining his delay in engaging in political discourse, citing the need to analyze election data and focus on his farming activities.

Lawal raised two key questions: whether Bola Tinubu won the presidential election and whether he was qualified to participate in it. He asserted that, despite INEC and the Appeal Court’s rulings, Tinubu did not win the election.

According to Lawal, available factual data from independent sources indicated that Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party (LP), received the majority of votes, with Atiku coming in second and Bola Tinubu a distant third.

On the second question, Lawal suggested that the ongoing revelations about Tinubu’s character and background should have led him to voluntarily withdraw from the election for the sake of ethics and morality. He recommended that Tinubu resign and focus on his health to avoid further public humiliation.

Lawal emphasized the importance of leadership qualities such as integrity, trustworthiness, and the ability to unite and inspire confidence. He believed that Tinubu fell short in these qualities.

Lawal went on to criticize the current government, which he attributed to Bola Tinubu’s influence. He mentioned that Nigerians were facing insecurity, poverty, and a lack of trust in the government’s actions and leadership.

Regarding political appointments, Lawal suggested that they appeared to reward those who supported Tinubu to attain the presidency, rather than focusing on competence. He gave examples of appointments, such as an accountant as Minister of Defense and the CBN Governor’s actions regarding foreign exchange restrictions on agricultural imports.

Lawal concluded by expressing concerns about rising fuel prices, the declining value of the Naira, and escalating insecurity. He believed that the government’s policies were benefiting a select few in the petroleum and banking industries.

He also noted the growing intolerance for free speech and signs of dictatorship, particularly the actions of the National Broadcasting Commission.

Please note that this reorganization is intended to provide a clearer and more coherent presentation of Lawal’s statements, without altering the content or meaning of his original statements.


CREDIT: DailyPost