My Health Condition Poses a Risk to one of my legs- MR. IBU


Renowned comedic actor, John Okafor, popularly recognized as Mr. Ibu, has taken to social media to request public assistance as he confronts a severe health condition that poses a risk to one of his legs.

The actor made this heartfelt plea from his hospital bed on Wednesday, sharing a video on his Instagram page to inform his fans and well-wishers about his current situation.

In the video, Mr. Ibu disclosed that he has been in poor health for several weeks, leading to an extended hospital stay. He expressed the gravity of his ailment, revealing that his medical team has cautioned that they may have to amputate his leg if all available treatment options are exhausted.

Furthermore, his daughter, Jasmine Okafor, provided additional context, emphasizing that her father’s health is not improving, and their financial resources have been stretched to the limit. As a result, they are appealing to the generosity of the public.

Jasmine earnestly implored compassionate individuals to support their efforts to secure better medical care for Mr. Ibu abroad.

In the Instagram post accompanying the video, Mr. Ibu shared the following information for those willing to assist:

Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 1685687982
Account Name: John Ikechukwu Okafor

Your kind support during this challenging time is greatly appreciated by Mr. Ibu and his family.


CREDIT: DailyPost