BREAKING NEWS: Former Security Guards, the “Happie Boys,” Arrested and Remanded in Prison in Cyprus


In a recent turn of events, the former security guards who were popularly known as the “Happie Boys” have been arrested and remanded in a Cyprus prison for reasons yet to be disclosed. This shocking development comes after the Happie Boys gained notoriety for their publicized video where they turned against their benefactor, Apostle Chibuzor of OPM, who had sent them to Cyprus for educational purposes.

The Happie Boys, once entrusted with a mission to study in Cyprus by Apostle Chibuzor, made headlines when they publicly denounced their affiliation with him in a widely-circulated video. This act led to the man of God invoking a curse upon them. The subsequent legal action against them has now culminated in their incarceration in an underground prison, pending further details on the nature of their alleged offense.