Anambra State Governor Chukwuma Soludo Pledges to Restore Peace and Prosperity in Onitsha during Ofala Festival

Anambra State Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, has initiated a strong campaign against street urchins in Onitsha, the thriving commercial hub of the state. Soludo declared his stance during the Ofala Festival of the revered monarch of Onitsha Ancient Kingdom, Obi Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe, known as Agbogidi.


During his address to the Onitsha community, Soludo emphasized the historical significance of Greater Onitsha, once encompassing five local government areas in present-day Anambra, as the cradle of Igbo civilization. He stressed the importance of Onitsha’s prosperity for the advancement of Igbo culture.


Soludo announced, “We extend our greetings to Agbogidi on the occasion of his 22nd anniversary on the throne during this year’s Ofala Festival. The celebration of Onitsha Ofala by its people is a cherished tradition.”


He continued, “Onitsha serves as a cornerstone of Igbo heritage, and for the Igbo people to progress, Onitsha must also flourish. This is why we are committed to revitalizing the city. Onitsha is the vibrant urban center that defines the Igbo identity.”


Soludo expressed his determination to rid Onitsha of criminals and troublemakers, emphasizing that a comprehensive security operation will soon be launched to address these issues. He stated, “We are resolute in our mission to eliminate the menace of thugs and hoodlums in Onitsha. We will take action swiftly, without regard to their place of origin, to restore peace to this great city.”


“In the coming weeks, a major security operation will be initiated in Onitsha, marking a significant step towards enhancing security and stability in the region,” Soludo concluded.