Abia State Government Issues Christmas Season Advisories for Residents and Visitors

The Abia State Government, in keeping with its people-oriented style of governance and policies, has approved the issuance of the following advisories for Abians and visitors to the state this Christmas season.

Road users in the state are by this announcement advised to strictly observe the government approved advisories for a peaceful yuletide.

Vehicular Traffic.
1) Umuahia Capital City(alternative routes):
*From Enugu end of Enugu/Port Harcourt Expressway, enter through: NNPC Mega Filling Station –Nkwoegwu–Uzuakoli Rd.
*From Aba:
Apumiri Ubakala–Aba Rd.
*In and out through Ossah Road, use one end of 6-lane under construction.
*Around Abia Tower of Peace, from Enugu use U-turn after the Tower into Umuahia.
From Aba use the U-turn at Mega to Owerri.
*Out of Umuahia to Owerri, Aba and Port Harcourt, use the applicable U-turns
*The Bende Rd–Bende Town –Ohafia route and,
*The Uzuakoli Rd—Ubani Mrkt—Uzuakoli—Ohafia routes are in use.
2)Aba City:
*From Owerri use Abayi junction –Aba/Owerri Rd.
*Udeagbala –Umueze–Aba/Owerri Rd
*Udeagbala –Umueze–Shallom Rd–Umuimo–Aba/Owerri Rd.
*College Rd.–Green Ave—Aba/Owerri Rd at First bank
*In addition, One end of the Aba/PH expressway by CECCC and one end of Ariaria –Alaoji Rd by Arab Contractors are open for use.
* In all cases, use billboards and road signs

*Avoid early morning and late night travels especially, along the Enugu/ Port Harcourt Expressway.
*Avoid boundaries with neighbouring states particularly Imo
*Use security hotlines:
09091131111, 09091141111
*Ambulance services:
*Emergency services:08133556900
*Use the blue upon blue uniformed homeland security personnel deployed in 17LGAs most of the time.
*Always look out for nurses and health personnel of the Abia State Emergency Network for assistance in case of accidents
*Report all incidences of security threat to the nearest checkpoint.

I wish Ndi-Abia a merry and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.

Prince Okey Kanu
Hon Commissioner for Information.