Abia State Government Issues Stern Warning on Street Trading Ban Enforcement

In a recent press briefing following the Executive Council meeting led by Governor Alex Otti, Commissioner for Information and Culture, Prince Okey Kanu, emphasized the government’s resolve to crack down on street trading, particularly in Aba, starting next year. He expressed concern over the persistent challenge of street trading negatively impacting the newly constructed roads in the state.

Kanu highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to address the issue through discussions with market authorities and individuals involved. Despite these efforts, the problem persists, prompting the government to take decisive action come the New Year. The Commissioner underscored the importance of maintaining the integrity of recently built roads and ensuring they serve their intended purpose.

Addressing the state’s infrastructure initiatives, Kanu assured the completion of one carriage way of the Ossah-Okpara Square road by the Yuletide season. He outlined the government’s commitment to road rehabilitation across the state, with 27 roads already fixed and soon to be commissioned.

Regarding pension payments, Kanu reiterated Governor Alex Otti’s commitment to settling all outstanding arrears, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to fulfill its promises. He promised to provide further details in the coming days.

In the realm of sustainable energy, the Commissioner highlighted the installation of over 1,700 solar-powered street lights in Aba and Umuahia, aligning with the state’s commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and embracing renewable energy.

Commissioner for Power and Public Utilities, Engr. Ikechukwu Monday, shared insights into the Light Up Abia Initiative, aimed at illuminating every street with solar lights. He disclosed plans to extend the initiative to other communities in the coming year, emphasizing the replacement of conventional street lights with solar-powered alternatives.

Engr. Monday also discussed collaborations with the Federal Ministry of Power to enhance power supply in Abia State. Projects such as the 132 KVA line from Umuahia to Mbalano and the 120 KVA line from Ohafia to Arochukwu are set to improve power supply in key areas, driving the government’s commitment to industrialization.

Governor Alex Otti’s administration remains dedicated to addressing challenges, enhancing infrastructure, and fostering sustainable development in Abia State.

Azubuike Jinanwa/Divine Nwankwo
Govt. House Press, Umuahia.