Israel Gears Up for Next Phase in Conflict with Hamas: Preparing for Unprecedented Action

The Israeli military has announced its readiness for the “upcoming phases of the conflict” against Hamas, which may involve air, sea, and land strikes, including “extensive ground operations.” This preparation encompasses hundreds of thousands of conscripted reservists and a variety of offensive operational plans, as stated by the Israel Defense Forces in a release on Saturday.


In addition to “joint and coordinated offensives,” the Israeli Ground Forces and military logistics leadership are training IDF troops for a “wider combat theater,” according to the statement. Relevant forces have recently received the necessary combat equipment, as confirmed by the military.


“IDF units and soldiers are currently stationed throughout the nation, intensifying their operational readiness for the upcoming phases of the conflict, with a particular focus on significant ground operations,” the statement emphasized.


Some background: Over the past week, indications have emerged that Israel is preparing for a potential ground incursion into Gaza, a densely populated region controlled by Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization responsible for the devastating terror attacks in Israel on October 7. The Israeli military has now mobilized 300,000 reservists, marking a potentially unprecedented move into Gaza.