Abia State Governor Alex Otti’s Supreme Court Victory Sparks Celebration among Diaspora Community

Abia State’s diaspora community is jubilant over Governor Alex Otti’s triumph at the Supreme Court, expressing joy that he has secured his position at the government house.

In a statement from the United States, renewable energy expert Bob Ibeneme, a member of the Abia State Advisory Council and a former U.S. Air Force veteran, commended Otti’s victory, stating it bodes well for Abia State’s interests.

Ibeneme emphasized Otti’s commitment to translating his vision for a new Abia State into reality, asserting that winning the legal battle ensures the continuity of the positive initiatives in the state.

Highlighting Otti’s leadership qualities, Ibeneme praised the former bank chief for showing exemplary and top-notch leadership in Abia State. He emphasized Otti’s strong followership, acknowledging his understanding that power belongs to the people and his dedication to uplifting the less privileged.

Ibeneme, experienced in the public sector, defended Otti against opposition criticism, stating that the governor has been bold and firm in his decisions, demonstrating a commitment to the state’s affairs, even sacrificing sleep.

Commending Otti’s strategic direction, especially in personnel appointments, Ibeneme noted the governor’s ability to set a positive course for his administration. He praised the notable paradigm shift in Abia State’s budgeting, where 84 percent was allocated for capital expenditure and 16 percent for recurrent, calling it a bold move that requires strong leadership and support from the people for accelerated development.