A Stirring Moment in the Senate Chamber as Senator Ali Ndume expresses frustration


The crisis in the nation’s upper legislative chamber took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, as Senator Ali Ndume, who serves as the Chief Whip, expressed his frustration by angrily walking out of the session.

In an effort to prevent the situation from escalating further, the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, promptly called for an emergency closed session.

Ndume had raised a point of order, invoking order 54 from the Senate Rule Book to bring to the Senate President’s attention his concerns about the way affairs were being handled in the chamber, which he believed were in violation of the established rules.

He expressed, “Mr. President, there are certain practices in this chamber that clearly contravene the rules. Sir, no one is exempt from learning and adhering to our regulations.”

Akpabio quickly ruled Ndume’s statements out of order, which visibly infuriated Ndume. Subsequently, he left the chamber and headed straight to his office.

Shortly after, the Chief Whip received a call from a fellow colleague, urging him to return to the chamber for an executive session.

As of the time when this report was filed, the executive session was still ongoing.


CREDIT: DailyPost