My boss tricked me into donating my kidney to his ailing brother

A 42-year-old man, Nwoko Eric, recently exposed how his former employer allegedly tricked him into donating one of his kidneys to the employer’s younger brother, only to abandon him after the transplant.


In a conversation with journalists in Gbagada Estate, phase 1, Lagos, Nwoko Eric, who hails from Abia State, recounted his ordeal. He explained that back in 2018, his boss instructed him to drive his ailing brother to Saint Nicolas Hospital, Lagos Island, for dialysis while the boss was abroad.


Upon the boss’s return, he commended Eric for helping his brother and then shared grim news that his brother’s kidney had failed, and he might not survive beyond a week. He asked Eric if he would be willing to donate one of his kidneys. During a prayer session, the boss made several promises, including giving Eric $20 million, buying a house for him in America, and connecting him to wealthy friends in the United States.


Excited by the prospects, Eric agreed to the kidney donation. The operation was carried out, but since 2018, he has received no medical treatment.


A week after providing an apartment for Eric, the boss directed him to return to work, offering a monthly salary of N70,000 but with a warning that deductions would be made if Eric had health-related absences. When Eric requested the promised money and benefits, his boss delayed and made excuses.


Frustrated and in deteriorating health, Eric finally confided in his mother about the situation, prompting this revelation. His mother has been desperately trying to reach her son, unaware of the kidney donation.


Eric’s legal representative, Tony Dania, revealed that after the surgery at Saint Nicholas Hospital, Eric’s boss’s younger sister, Deborah, falsely acted as Eric’s wife. He emphasized that organ sales are illegal and criminal. Eric’s consent was obtained through deceit, making it questionable.


As of the time of this report, the owner of De-Akasten Global Limited, Ikeja, remains in police custody at the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, as investigations continue. The police are treating this case as a test case and are actively interrogating the boss involved.

CREDIT: Vanguard